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30th May 2003

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#51 17 years ago

uhm... did you see the screenshot Lobo posted... I don't think you did...


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11th September 2003

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#52 17 years ago

Those are unskinned models on what has already been claryfied as a test map.

There's nothing stating that they have made it into one of FHs maps yet.


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16th September 2003

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#53 17 years ago

Pulseczarbtw, the thought of zeppelins came to me while watching the recent FH trailer.. at the end of the movie, it shows what appears to me to be a massive German bomber, with 6 propellers.. the thing reminded me of the German zeppelins..

also, with the zeppelins: perhaps you could attach a fighter to the bottom of it... don't i recall seeing a small plane of some-sort attached to the bottom of a zeppelin in one of the Indiana Jones movies?

i don't know if these ideas of zeppelins are realistic to the war - actual history - enough to include them in a realism mod... i haven't researched the history of zeppelins in WWII... just thought it would be very cool, if it was enough historically correct... (whatever 'enough' is..)

ok 1 zeppelins were used in ww1 not 2 and 2 between the wars the americans and british both experimented with air launched (and landed) fighters ... more or less successfully but the projects were cancelled in favor of more realistic projects ( especially after the HINDENBURG). But barrage ballons were used in the war but defensively to prevent low level air raids.