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#1 16 years ago

Hi There, I have battlefield 1942 installed and running on my system. It was running fine until a few days ago, when I decied to install different mods and see which ones were good. One of these mods that I installed screwed up my gameplay. Now most things sound different, and the water in the game on water maps is sometimes green. However, the water is only green before I press enter (when it shows a welcome screen after joining a server). 1. Falling through the air sounds different. 2. Dropping bomb also sounds different. 3. The jeep engine sounds different - you know how it goes louder as you accelerate, and gets softer as you let go of the "W" key, that doesnt happen. The jeep is always going full blast (engine sounds like its going fast even though it has stoppped). The only way to fix it is to get out and get back in. Still, the jeep will start going full blast after I accelerate. 4. The fire rate on the air planes and the Assault and Medic rifles has increased drastically. I know these are some minor problems, but I would like to solve them, because I like the battlefield original gameplay. This started happening after installing the mods. Heres a list of mods I have installed Recently: (I got them from BF1942Files) 1. BigWheelJeeping 2. Kubel Kopter Helis v4.145 3. BiTurboMOD v1.1 4. TurboStunts v.1.1 I have tried uninstalling battlefield, deleting the folder so I can get a clean install, then restarting the computer and then installing battlefield again, and it Still is all screwed up. Any help would be appreciate. :bows:


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#2 16 years ago

I am thinking the "Biturbo mod" or the "Turbo Stunts mod" messed up the game play. Try uninstalling the game again and make shure to get rid of the registry files for the game. Then when you reinstall make shure to test out the game before installing mods.


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#3 16 years ago

Thx for that.