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#1 14 years ago

Hiya - hope someone can help me with this little problem... I am trying to run a Battlefield1942 internet server from a pc on my home network. I am using a router so have forwarded all necessary ports etc, plus those for ASE. I can only see the server in All-Seeing Eye under it's Local IP Address ( I have been told by an IT professional friend that the reason I am not seeing my servers Internet IP Address in ASE or in the BF1942 server list (on another pc in my local network) is because both pc's are part of the same subnet, and that only a computer with a separate internet connection (i.e. a different router/modem) would be able to see the server by it's Internet IP Address. So my question is: Is there a way to check (from a pc on my LAN) whether my server is showing up for the other people playing the game on the internet - or is the only way to get a friend online to check with his copy of All-Seeing Eye/BF1942? Appreciate any and all answers that might help me out. :)