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10th August 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hello all, long time no see. I'm working on a mod for BF1942 (NOT BF2) that involves smoke generators and eventualy some other things. Now i have the smoke generators working the way i want them to but when i go to test online with my freind the program randomly crashes. It is not an error that can be caught in windowed mode, this is just a genral crash error (this program is not responding, do you wish to send an error report?). I need someone who can look at my coding and maybe tell me what i'm doing wrong. I've tried using debugger to catch the problem but it only happens if i am online and the debugger doesn't do online games. if you would like to help let me know. -Major P.S. I'm not going to switch to BF2 so don't ask or suggest it.