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16th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Am keen to play desert combat online with friend but looking for good way to talk to one another at same time. Was going to buy headset but noticed that the port on my soundcard it is supposed to plug into is already in use by speakers.(have 5.1 surround and 3 wires run from sub into soundcard ports). So what happens to game sound if I plug in headset??? Also if I clear this hurdle, what software do i use. Have teamspeak downloaded but haven`t run it yet. How exactly does it work. Have seen servers give a seperate address for TS. Is it just like an open com channel that everyone in team (or even game) can listen to? Read elsewhere on this forum about using conf.exe program found in windows to talk 1-1 over net. How easy is this to do? some help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated!!


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21st August 2002

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#2 16 years ago

the best headset i found is one with a USB connection! only takes up a USb port and configures it self. but i have also found that they are a bit more priced than one that goes through your sound card.

also Teamspeak is a good program to use for ingame chatting. me and my clan use it when we play. all you do is connect to a TS server and chat! but you will need to no the servers IP or you can host one your self if its just you and a friend that want to connect