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#1 16 years ago

Hey guys, I have bf1942 installed on my E drive, i recently formatted my c drive which had windows on it, i can run my bf from E which is version 1.6, I want to update to vers 1.61 and when i go to install 1.61 it says bf1942 not found. I have the cds to reinstall but my internet is extremely extremely slow and it would take like 12 hours to dl the 1.6 patch. Is there any way I can make my computer realize that bf is already installed so i can update to 1.61? :( Thanks


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#2 16 years ago

The way BF knows whether or not it is installed is due to a registry key. You would have to manually re-enter the registry keys for installation path of BF1942, as well as the reg keys for the version number of BF before you could do any patch installing. I have attached a screenshot of the important keys (there may be others so even just entering these may not work.)

Surely when you downlaoded the 1.6 patch you made a backup of it? It woul dbe alot easier than doingit this way.

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