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#1 16 years ago

I just got the game for christmas and I installed it then it let me played about the next day or the day after I was driving in a plane then I crashed in the plane then the game crashed as soon as i crashed i was like ok that was kinda of funny HAHA good joke computer but then when i clicked to turn on the game again. I saw the battlefield 1942 sign come up in the middle of the desktop then the sign goes away and nothing else happens then i uninstalled it and something messed up and battlefield 1942 wasnt all the way deleted and then after multiple retries of reinstalling i finally got it to install and that was today and the problem of it not starting is still not working so i need help PLZ :bows:. I bought the game that has 4 disks and has bf1942 and road to rome and secret weapons Tell me what to do and return back to whatever you do and ill buy you all a round in the mess when u get back :) :beer: :beer: :beer:. a round in the mess means ill buy you beers in i think british talk. :feedback: