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#1 13 years ago

I have a problem with my Battlefield 1942 and now Battlefield Vietnam, patch version 1.61b and 1.21 respectively, which has the same effect across the DC mods too. I start up my Battlefield and the screen does the usual splash screen then blank loading screen, ok. Then the dam thing minimises itself. I click on it to maximise it again and it stays ok through all the advert splash screens blah blah, I get the menu where you do all the options and usernames and blah blah, ok so I enter my name and all that so all the necessary stuff, then choose multiplayer, as you do, I choose a server, as you do, and then as soon as i click join, the dam thing minimises again! But this time I can hear the audio at the loading screen but I just can't get it to maximise. Everytime I click the minimised bar to maximise it, I get a black screen for about 1 or 2 seconds and then bam, minimised again almost straight away, and it will stay that way till I use task manager to end task. As you can well imagine, I am getting sick of that shit happening everytime. Anyone out there can help me fix this, or maybe a few suggestions as to why it might be happening? My system specs are: Pentium 4 2.53Ghz (ZIF) socket 478 P4S533 Asus Mainboard (on-board audio) 512MB DDR RAM ATI Radeon 9200SE 128MB Latest Radeon 4.12 Catalyst drivers and Radeon Omega 2.5.97a drivers. All my other games play just fine, so I just want to find out why this minimising shit keeps happening. Any help will be greatly appreciated.