On I Play Online My Pc Crash (restart) -1 reply

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2nd August 2006

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#1 16 years ago

My problem is when i play online my pc crash in bios mode i mean it-s restart the sistem .What is the problem i don't understand . I forgotten to say my pc crash only if on the almost me an airplane crash or i shut a bomb in something i mean when is blow something ONLY in multyplayer and ONLY online my pc is crash and work very good in single player and multyplayer but not online(on the network) my pc work fine WHY ? i change the driver video i have a gf 4ti 4200 64 mb i have a motheboard asusA&vn8x-e deluxe 512ddr pc 2700 procesor amd xp 2600+barton why the game is crash only on the network ???????