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#1 16 years ago

[color=red]OK, my friend is getting kicked because of Punkbuster, he can play on non-PB servers fine. He has just downloaded the game and all the mods 2 days ago.[/color] [color=red]Can someone please tell me what ports he needs to open on his router so that he can play. I am almost positive thats the problem. He currently has ports 14564, 14565, 14566, 14567 open on his router. [/color] On PB servers, his game loads, then right as hes going into the server (on PB enabled server) it crashes. If you don't think thats it then he also has a firewall. Is there a way he can open ports on that too? if so tell me which ones and maybe an overview on firewall port opening please. ASAP help is greatly appreciated. :mad:


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#2 16 years ago

If he is playing as a client (ie: he is running the game and connecting to an internet server) he shouldn't need to open any ports, the connection to the game server and PB server are client initiated, however if he is running a software firewall, that may have been accidently set to block PB's outgoing connection, in which case he will need to configure his firewall to allow PB to pass through. How to do that is particular to the firewall software so he will need to consult his documentation on how to do that.

I trust he isn't running a no-cd crack or anything like that so he can play without putting the cd in!




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#3 16 years ago

No hes not playing with CD crack. Does anyone know what ports he needs to open on his firewall to allow PB to communicate? any help is greatly appreciated.


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#4 16 years ago

It uses BF1942's ports, so that shouldn't be the problem. UDP port 14567.

Punkbuster.comDo I have to re-configure my firewall or proxy to use PunkBuster?

In general, if a connection can play the Game online successfully without PunkBuster, then there will be no need to make any changes to a firewall or proxy that may be in use when PunkBuster is Installed and Enabled. PunkBuster communicates over the Internet (and in LAN environments) using the same network channels created and used by the Game, and therefore requires no changes. If, however, you had to adjust your firewall to use the game in the first place, you may need to extend that adjustment to include ports used by PB's auto-update feature. PunkBuster for Battlefield 1942 uses outgoing UDP Port 14567 to communicate with Master Servers. This is the same port used by default by Battlefield 1942 for gameplay. [/quote]

This is the Link to the page, with the above info.

-EDIT- More infoFrom here

[quote=Planet Battlefield]We've seen this mostly with cable modems, but it applies to all types of connections. Most dedicated Connections have a firewall, a lot of the time without the user even knowing this. You'll want to talk with your ISP to disable this or find a work-around.

If you know you have a firewall, and know how to administer it, here are the ports you'll need to allow:

Allow UDP Port 14567 Allow UDP 22000 (This is only for LAN games, and used by computers on the same network) Allow UDP range 23000-23009 # GameSpy Master Server UDP Heartbeat: Allow UDP Port 27900 # GameSpy Master Server List Request: Allow TCP Port 28900

In addition you may need to open the ports listed in the "Working Around the Firewall / Proxy" section of the GameSpy page: http://www.gamespyarcade.com/support/firewalls.shtml

Also, it's possible that your in-game internet settings could be set too high. Try changing it one below what you have it set to and see if this helps. For example, on the "Multiplayer" then "Internet" Tab, if you have the "Connection Speed" set to "LAN - T3 > 1M" try changing it to: "ADSL - 256k".


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#5 16 years ago

Thanks for the help, well test it out. Cause he can play other games that have punkbuster on them, like Americas Army, so it's pretty weird. If we cant get that fixed, will it still not work in BF2, or do they plan to totally change the ports BF2 uses from BF1942. Just curious i guess, since there is so much different.