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#1 9 years ago

Ok so I know that some people are having this error and I would like to help out the error is when you join a mod punkbuster server (like a DC Punkbuster server or FH) you can click on spawn point press done hit enter whatever you still cant spawn but when you join a non punkbuster server you can spawn so to fix this major issue you first need to delete punkbuster completely to do that go to the battlefield 1942 folder and delete the folder called pb then go to c:\windows\system32 and delete pnkbster A and pnkbster B and if its there delete pbsvc now you should have a file to manually update punkbuster and a file to reinstall/install punkbuster run the installer and after it is completed run the updater and choose BF1942 from the add a game menu and then check for updates it may not update but its good to check the next part is farely easy run DC / FH / ANY mod you want and before you join a punkbuster server it should have network sitings to the side and modem 56K is probably selected click on ISDN 112K join the punkbuster server and it should work I know it did for me (if this doesnt work try 1 more thing 1 goto battlefield 1942 and open pb folder then delete pnkbstr K that should work) P.S. you can get the updater and installer from evenbalence.com

Hope this helps some people out there