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10th January 2007

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#1 14 years ago

hey everybody i have a really strange logitech profiler problem with my Wingman Force 3d joystick. Im sorry if this is a double post but i searched and couldnt find anything... i hope someone can help me because im honestly out of ideas and i cant find anything about it from google or even the wingman team. Ive been using my force 3d without the Wingman profiler for a while now with BF1942/DC/EOD. and everything works like it should...sort of...Even with the mouse sensitivity all the way down, the joystick works...but is never centered... ever...and of course theres no way to increase the dead zone directly so... Ive been flying around with a jittery stick that makes me crash when i shouldnt and keeps me from flying like i know i can in other games. so 2 days ago i got tired of it and decided to use the profiler ( i never usually do in games) So i downloaded a NEW profiler and drivers from logitech. I set everything up in the profiler, all the axis and everything and button commands, i start the game and right off the bat i deleet every key command that I assigned (ie, removing axis 0 from roll...etc..) I get in the game, and immediately i can tell the joystick is actually CENTERED!!! b/c i got in a helo took the throttle works and i pullwed up STRAIT, for the first time ever. I got to pitch forward and i cant! nor roll left! nor rudder left!! for some strange reason, rolling right works PERFECTLY, the weight is good, center god, same goes for pitch up, and rudder right. All 8 of my buttons work flawlessly, throttle flawless... i checked the key commands..all set up right, i even recoreded new help. I tried changing the commands to something besides the arrow luck. I even got the new directX9.0c, help. the joystick is working correctly according to windows, is calibrated fine with other games still. I get into BF1942 and its like...everything to the left has been disabled,the axis only read positive and not negative. I can rudder right and spin a chopper, holding the left rudder will stop the spin...yet wont turn me left..... what in the world could make it do that? where only half of the axis work in roll and pitch? Ive done almsot everything i can think of.... defaulting all the BF1942 controls...chaning the profiler...everything. Ive even checked the commands in notepad they all work fine... if i start BF1942, then go into notepad to see if its working..once again...only right, back, and rudder right work. pleeeeze if anyone has any advice id really appreciate it. How about the logitech clearcalibration utility that clears all calibration data? would that do anything? thanks in advance -John