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#1 11 years ago

Hi everyone, I just want to start of by saying that I looked around through the forum already and haven't really had any luck finding an answer to this question, so if I'm double posting, sorry.

Anyway, here is the problem. I'm having some strange behavior with my ingame sound. The radio chatter, gunfire, engine noises, everything sounds very high pitched or sped up. The voices sound almost like what I would expect helium powered soldiers to sound like.

I'm using onboard sound, in DXDIAG it says the name is "SigmaTel Audio." I found a post previously where the suggested solution was that onboard audio was the trouble with a situation similar to this one, but the thing that makes this unique (i think) is that prior to the 1.6b patch, the game played sounds perfectly fine....

Any ideas? Thanks for your time and patience, and all help is greatly appreciated.