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#1 16 years ago

Can someone please advise on a small but annoying problem I have everytime I use BF1942 (Any Mod or original) and attempt to connect to a server for the first time. Once I have attempted to connect and then been given the error, I can then connect to any server without problem. Once I close my BF42 session, do something else, and come back to BF42 I then have the same problem for the first server connection I try. Its always the first one and it doesnt matter which server that is. If its the first connection, it will fail. Any advise on a missing update perhaps. I have the latest full clients installed for BF42, DC, 1918 etc, but it doesnt matter which one of these I try, they all do the same if its the first connection attempt Please help... Thanks... sKILLitnz ...


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#3 16 years ago

What error does it give you? Just the 'Could Not Connect to Server' one? You might want to check your firewall and router settings, if you have them... Otherwise, I don't know what could cause it to do that.