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26th September 2004

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#1 14 years ago

I have just downlaoded the version 4 full install and all seemed to be well until i tryed to get a map to play from the start menu and there was none to choose from, just normal BF1942. I tried to play online too, but when i found a server, connected, loaded the map (seemingly) and when it hit 100% it just completly booted me out. Ive seen a post about this further doen, but the only resloution seemed to be to d/l the version 4, which i think i have just d/l. I have no problems playing any other BF mods, just this one and i cant play any of the maps in single player mode either, its like i dont have access to the maps or somthing, i dunno....:uhm: Anyways, if anyone out there has some advise to give me i'll be very pleased. :(