Need help with 0.6 FH - no textures after installation -1 reply

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10th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello All Help me Please cos I need some tips with instalation of new FH 0/6 version - i loaded this MOD ( as 1 rared file ). During installation all was ok and no any Errors raports. Hawever after running Mod i have no textures of some tanks, trucks and weapon on most maps, no textures of polish uniforms, no polish flags.... Installation of 44megs path didt help too. Before installation i deleted FH 0/5 so all should be ok.. Hawever after checking new FH directory i sow i dont have file textures.raf ( i hava only textures.001.raf ). Most others players 0.6 FH told me they have both such files. So anybody can tell me what i should do ? I loaded FH 0.6 with BitTOrrent.. File looks ok , no errors during instalation.. So why i dont have this one file with textures ? So maybe i should load now ones again FH 0/6 - but this 2 files version ? But whish part has textures.raf files ? Please help me , im big fun of FH and traggically after long time of waiting i cant play... regards kosc