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29th September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

On some maps certain sounds are speeding, like 2x speed, sometimes it sounds even 4x sound. The radio sound on Karelia is always at this accelerated speed. Anyone knows why this happens or can confirm they have the problem too?

Adjusting the sound settings in BF does not help. I suspect it is some sort of soundcard issue, I have the The A7N8X with onboard Realtek ALC650 audio and I've experienced no problems (except sometimes needing to reboot because BF sound gets distorted).

Didn't put this in the bug forum as I understand this is not a very common problem.Though I know others has it too and I also had this problem in the Scret Weapons demo, ( not in the final release) and I know many people had that problem with SW. I remember seing threads about the problem in forums at the time, but I have not been able to relocate those.