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27th September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I dont know if it was already mentioned in this forum but i found a few annoying and crazy bugs.

> When i picked up the russian deployable MG on Stalingrad and tried to deploy it nothing happened several times. Than a couple of times the MG was bouncing around and automaticly blown up after a few seconds. Another strange event with this MG was when i tried to use it after fast deploy ... i was sitting at the Mg and it was flying and bouncing around all over the map with me on it ... looked very crazy :D (i have some screens). Well i tried them all then and this only happenes with the russian and the british MG, the german MG works fine. > Another thing on Stalingrad is that the russian Sniper gear is the same as a engineer rifle, it has no scope or zoom, the german one has a zoom (pretty unfair). > The G43 Sniper at Bulg is in a totaly wrong position when hold in hand. > The Puma on Orel is to fast and has the problem of massive oversteering its nearly impossible to drive with it throught the streets. But on Bulg it is working fine and has a nice handling.

If i find further bugs ill post em here.