Invisible/disappearing T34 (maybe other tanks too) -1 reply

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25th September 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I was playing Kharkov winter earlier today, as axis I climbed on the Kharkov Hill flag, which was now held by allies. I checked the area, no enemy on sight. Tried to run in the middle house for cover but suddenly something came on my way, I didn't see or hear anything, I just couldn't get past it. Hmh.. weird, maybe it's just lagging. I tried to get move forward, but no, It's like there was an invisible wall. I moved around the house and entered it.. suddenly I bounced in the air and lost 9/10 of my health, no sound or explosion.. I tried to run out from the house, but second "blast" killed me.

As the camera zoomed away, there was a T34 and Katyusha next to me, right in the same spot where the "invisble wall" was.

The second time this happened was in the russian tank spawn point in Valirisk. I was sitting there, waiting for a tank to spawn.. there weren't too many friendly tanks on the move. I had sit there for like a minute.. Nah, im not going to wait any longer, im going to take that jeep from the yard.

Again, and invisible wall.. from the earlier experience in Kharkov, I knew what actually was there and pressed "enter/exit vehicle" button. Suddenly I was sitting in T34 and there were like 5 tanks around me, unmanned in their spawnpoints. I jumped out.. No tanks anymore. Back to T34 and the tanks reappeared..

Most of the time T34s are visible, this seems to be a quite random phenomenom.

Hope you'll check it out.. An invisible T34 is always a nasty suprise.

Oh, and my system:

P4 2.6GHz 512MB DDR Radeon 9800PRO AsusP4C800 Omega 3.7 drivers


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28th April 2003

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#2 16 years ago

I've seen similar things in the ocean maps. Had a battleship just in front of me disapear while i was shooting at it... And it didn't sink...


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26th September 2003

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#3 16 years ago

I think its a BF 1.45 bug, i've had it on all the mods i've played since. Sometimes i can only see vehicles if i am sat in one !