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2nd October 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Playing on Valirisk (I think, one of your new maps with the ruins in A1-A2 and flag position) the tanks and artillery pieces sometimes spawn invisible. This seems to happen when the flag changes hands rather quickly. They are OK when the flag stays under control of either side for a while though.

The vehicles are there on mini map, and you cannot run through them, but the skin textures only appear after you enter them.

Seen this happen three times on this map. (Sorry I can't remember the name of it properly though).

The fixed MG positions on Orell in central village nearest Allied main base work, but the "neutral" position of the gun graphics do not follow the mouse movements and you get two gun images when using the position. The ones near the Axis main spawn do not seem to allow you to use them though.

Really nice job you have made generally though. Love the Crete map.