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12th December 2002

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#1 16 years ago

updated FH and really you guys are doing a great job. On Kailar I took out the Russian big boy tank with the bazooka. Shot was at the front right wheel from the side (looking at the tank from the front that is). Playing in SP. The tank was only taking on small arms fire from the bots. 2nd issue is in SP, the countdown is way to quick once the Russian bots are unsucessful at taking the initial base. I'm another of those players trapped in 56k though I'm seriously considering going to cable modem.

Also, I noticed in El Alamein (or was it Gaza - the desert map where you go thru the mountains [one capture point in the mountains] come out the other size, capture point in the middle of the desert and brit base sits back behind the oasis] that graphics on the back of the stug and the tank with the small cannon and mg on it go invisible along the bottom half of the tank.