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6th October 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Sorry if these have been found before.

I join a dedicated server running co-op kursk on my LAN. As allies, I select a spawn point, when the timer reaches 0, it changes back to "spawn point not selected." I can't switch teams either. I disconnect and reconnect.

This time it starts me as axis and I spawn at the base camp. I take a panzer and head toward the mill. I kill a few T34s and climb over the top of the hill there heading toward the Russian base. I stop near the top when I see more tanks firing at me. I kill 1 but a second hits me good.

I can't move my turret... I'm thinking it must be because i'm disabled. But I can move my tank... "up" moves me diagonally, and "down" moves me diagonally in the other direction. I can't exit the vehicle. I switch to external view and notice that my hit points are listed as "-33%" and after a few seconds my tank disappears. Yet there I was still able to fire my guns so I took this shot: