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#1 17 years ago

First off the mod is 1 of the best out ther! and the battle of valirisk-1943 is the best map by Look and Sounds!

But ther a is a Small bugs in I have found First some Skins Are not in The FW190 panel the G4M3 Betty Panel GUN turent gun Skin The G4M3 Betty Destoryed Skin is not in.

Some slots wear you Pick your gun are not in or got the M1Garand or the M1Carbine Image showing Like the Brit Pistil show a M1Garand or the M1Carbine.

Thear is a British Aircrat Carrer by the germans on Atlantic map!

The sniper gear you can pick up on Bocage Is F#$$ up Bad It hold the gun like a knife.

The big german plane you cant see out of at all The He 111 needs a Panel

All sniper gear need Animations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suggestions The most Importin Suggestion on a Map befor you start List all gun for that map befor you click Reday,Plz Pistil for all classes. No more Mg 42 for a for Support for the germans, the Mg 42 woud get to hot to hold. The Retunen of some of the BF 1942 gun like the StG 44 on later map And Med packs back in!!

That it for me I will add more later.