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27th September 2003

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#1 17 years ago

List the bugs you guys have come across while playing so far. I'll start. So far, I've only found minor bugs. The mod overall is amazing. :thumbsup:

- MIG-3s in Valirisk spawn in the Soviet main base on fire and disabled. They blow up a few seconds after spawning.

- The IS-2 on the West side of the Soviet base in Berlin Outskirts spawns and blows up after a few seconds like the MIG-3s.

- I haven't tried this out, but I heard people saying that you can't get into the giant German artillery gun on Omaha Beach.

Also, some suggestions.

Please add an officer class to Valirisk for artillery and get rid of that watchtower spawnpoint in the Soviet main base!

Also, for maps with the SVT-40, I suggest giving the SVT to the engineer class and giving the assault class the Mosin Nagant since the Mosin already has a rifle grenade modelled and the SVT-40 doesn't.


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2nd May 2003

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#2 17 years ago

Are you playing as Sturmovik?


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8th October 2003

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#3 17 years ago

Ok here goes..

No explosion sounds for grenades and expacks.. I haven't got a clue how to switch shells on the Flak88, wonder if it's still possible? I also wondered why the Germans wear pale white helmets in the City Berlin map.. makes them a very easy target.. also when switching weapons (on Alpenfest) everytime you change weapons with your mousewheel it fires one shot. I also noticed a lot of floating objects in the Berlin city map. I also thought that some sounds look like those from XWWII.. for example the Mosin Nagant, it's reload sound and fire sound. And how do you aim with the mortars anyway? I fired a few shots but I never seem to detect the hit, lol. The anti tank rifles reload slow.. waay too slow. You'd be much better off with a Bazooka, I'll say. You can fire 1,5 bazooka shots for each AT rifle shot.

For me the IS2 in the Outskirts map spawns fine as well as the MIG's. I can also operate ALL of the artillery guns (including the one at Omaha).


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8th August 2002

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#4 17 years ago

moved to bug


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16th May 2002

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#5 17 years ago

foy is too easy for the allies. aisaka has vanilla ROF stuka has mg42 for rear gunner on Crete



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5th March 2004

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#6 17 years ago

god bugs already? Wonder if i should download this now or not.


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23rd January 2004

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#7 17 years ago

just a few bugs, nothing important (just that one with the plane), those are the only maps I've tested for now. (sorry for the 56Kers, tried to put these screens on the worste quality to save space) bug1.jpg there is some sort of invisible wall here bug2.jpg the wall again bug3.jpg weird stuff on crete, here just 2 places I found where you get out of the batlle.... somehow. bug4.jpg bug5.jpg talking 'bout floating stuff bug6.jpg and an animation bug with that weapon, when you shoot you don't see a reload animation (and takes age to reload btw) bug7.jpg you forgot a place holder bug8.jpg same thig here... bug9.jpg and on the second position bug10.jpg and some more floating stuff (axis one doesn't float) bug11.jpg and now Mankin, this gun position hasn't a place on the boat icon (notice: 3 dots while there are 4 places) bug12.jpg that plane is really hard to take off.... actually if you accelerate it goes straigt under water bug13.jpg maybe something with the colision detection bug14.jpg again, directly into the water, you have to go upwards if you want to take off (weird, it worked well in 0.5) bug15.jpg again the plane bug16.jpg and last one, I'm no expert in plane, so just in case, no guns apearing here bug17.jpg but anyway, you guys did a fantastic job, I'm really amazed :clap:


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4th February 2003

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#8 17 years ago

on gold beach, at the axis furthest north base, there are MANY places that i found i could drop thru the floor or get trapped where all i could do was suicide to continue.


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8th December 2003

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#9 17 years ago

you cant man the big artillery gun at the very top in omaha beach - 1944 no can do i couldn use it :uhm:


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13th October 2003

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#10 17 years ago

I could man the Batterie Todt but just as German!!

Ok here us what i found