Prokhorovka map crash, constantly. -1 reply

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8th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

This map crashes constantly for me. I've downloaded FH .6 1/2 and 2/2 from over 4 different spots and the same goes for the .61 patch. I've reinstalled BF from scratch which includes deleting the EA games folder and checking my registry for anything at all related to BF. After that I reinstalled BF Vanilla, then the 1.6 patch, them .06 1, then 2, then .61. Every time I've done this it crashes. Please PPLLEEAASSEE help, this map only crashes when I'm trying to join it on a server. When I join the game, it loads fully, I get a windows error ding, but no message and I crash to desktop. When I host a server the map runs fine but just won't run right for MP. Specs: P4 3.0ghz HT 1gig Corsair DualDDR ram pc 3200 Asus GeForce fx5700 Abit IS-7 Mobo Audigy Sound card SATA 10k RPM HD