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#1 12 years ago

The 10th Infantry Division is now recruiting “Elite” players. We are looking for players who dominate in any area of the game. If you think you are one of the best, then join the best! We are a dedicated and very well organized clan focused on having FUN by playing this game with the consensus on Teamwork. Our members are a great bunch of guys and we always have a good time when we are in our Teamspeak server together. Quite a few of our members have real life military experience which helps in planning for scrims and matches. Our clan has lots to offer, as our website will show, we have a Ranked server, 1 Unranked server (all with Rcon Full Control), a Teamspeak server, an ATC server (Advanced Tactical Center), server player ranks, an FTP server where we share all kinds of files. You’ll find our Teamspeak address and password at the top of our homepage at our website. * Note that the Teamspeak address is a name and not an IP address, it works the same and no need to enter a port number. We only accept members 18 years old or older. Our average age is around 28-30 years old. If you meet all of the above, at our website, at the top left, you’ll see a link “Join -=10thID=-“, fill out that application and I will reply to it a.s.a.p. If you think you have what it takes to be a member of the -=10thID=-, then check out our website at, www.10thidclan.us