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#1 13 years ago

MEU2.gif Hello fellow gamers! Have you ever wanted to be a part of a clan that took itself seriously, but not TOO seriously? One that was about having FUN and not being told what to do with YOUR time? A clan that was unique? You may have clicked the right page. I wont waste your time with the usual lines, but will come right to the point and tell you what you want to know about the 11thMEU... We are a somewhat newer community, just less than a year old. We have experienced officers that know how to lead. We play: BF2 BF2142 WoW We are looking into expanding into other games, based on what our members tell us where their interests are. We are based upon the 11th MEU, and as such use Marine Ranks and structure along with chain of command. But we do know how to relax and play the game. Also we understand that real life comes first and this is only a game, and that people do, occasionally have real lives and real life concerns and that their time may be limited. We are interested in branching out to other games if our members will be willing to support them.

So, come visit us and have a look around, ask questions, hang out, visit our server. Happy gaming!