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8th February 2004

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#1 15 years ago

We are a realism clan, who've been established since FH. We try to follow US military standards, rules, and chain of command. We have rules, as stated, but we try to have fun with it. Our recruiting criteria are you must be at least 14, mature, able to work together, be able to take orders when asked of you, and just all in all, want to have fun! You will have fun, or your money back! :naughty: We have an unranked server (currently), we have Ventrilo, an mIRC channel, forums, and a website. We also are running our own email access, so if ya join, you get a free email account (*Must have a rank of PFC or higher, or have been in the clan longer than a month.) [email="yourlastname@1acd.com"]yourlastname@1acd.com[/email] You can check us out, and apply at www.1acd.com, or at our quakenet mIRC channel, #1stAirCav Our server IP is Tell 'em Lev sent ya! If you wish to contact me, I have the following- Xfire- flugnugget AIM- wirelesswhisp MSN- [email="flugnugget@hotmail.com"]flugnugget@hotmail.com[/email] Yahoo- ultimatedeath2003 Email- either [email="flugnugget@gmail.com"]flugnugget@gmail.com[/email] or, after 12AM PST 7/19/05, [email="lev@1acd.com"]lev@1acd.com[/email] Hope to see ya with us!