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#1 10 years ago

What is the 1stCav? We are a tactical military realism unit that focuses on real Army tactics, structure, & teamwork. We support AA, COD4, BF2 & ArmA. We have our own professionally created website & forum which you can visit at http://1st-cav.us

Why join? As a soldier in the 1st Cavalry Division you will enjoy the benefits of a 100 man Ventrilo server as well as ranked and unranked BF2 servers for the public and for training. We have a custom made training map for our BCT to boot. As a soldier in the 1st Cav you have opportunities for advancement, medal, ribbons and more if you work hard and are dedicated! There are also professionally made signatures created for each member of the Cav. In the 1st Cavalry Division you will be treated with respect and maturity. We see every member as a person not a number like many of the large realism units.

BF2 Public server:

Who will you serve with? You will be joining 72 other members from the United States, Canada, UK, and more ranging from 16 years of age and on. We have active & former US military personnel including our Commanding Officer, COL. Woodrum, a former US Army Tanker who served in Desert Storm & Bosnia. Our Battalion CSM, CSM Ghering is a former US Army Tanker who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Both are REAL former 1st Calvary Division members!

Do you have what it takes to join the Cav?

Requirements Age: 16+ Location: North America & UK (preferred not required) Voice Software: Ventrilo + working microphone Games: Working copy of BF2 Time requirement: at least 6 hours a week.

Contact Info Xfire: oliver1691 AIM: epic1691 Email: S.Oliver.1CD@gmail. com I'll gladly answer any & all questions you may have.


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#2 10 years ago

looks like really high standards :P


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#3 10 years ago

It not bad, its 6 hours a week, not day and it could be a combination of in game, on vent, or on the website. It doesn't have to be just one. Then the rest is just basic have the game, have vent + a mic, and be 16 or older.


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#4 10 years ago

We are still recruiting for BF2 as well as ArmA, COD4 and AA. Stop by our site and check us out.