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#1 13 years ago

3dID.jpg A Company, 1st Brigade, 5th Battalion, 3rd Mechanized Infantry Division "Ghost Battalion"

Hello, my name is SPC. Spaulding and I am from A Company, 1/5th Battalion, 3rd Mechanized Infantry Division, also known as the 1GBN or Ghost Battalion. Our game focus is on BF2 and heavily on the Project Reality modification for BF2.


We are a realism unit that bases our operations and procedures on the real ones of the United States Army. We conduct realism missions, undergo realistic training and drills as well as each member has his/her own individual responsibility and job to do.

We have 3 Platoons, The US Platoon based on BF2 and its expansions, a Euro Platoon that is based on Project Reality, and a US Platoon based on Project Reality as well.

Your process as a 1GBN Recruit will include first an interview with one of our recruiters to see if you have what it takes to be a part of the 1/5th.


Next you will undergo Basic Combat Training and qualify in various skill areas essential to our operation and success.


Finally, after Basic Training, you will become an elite member of the 1GBN. However, training is no where near over after BCT. You have the opportunity to go through many of the schools offered in the US Army, such as Infantry school, Ranger School, Sniper School, Weaponry School, and NCO/Leadership Training.

virtualiraq_zoom.jpg We at 1GBN offer various fields of work that you can progress in just like the real military, some positions that we need are

  • People Skilled in Armor(People willing to drive tanks, be the Tank commander, A humvee driver or a humvee gunner)
  • Infantry (the soul of the 1GBN, we cant function with out you, we need all sorts... think you got what it takes to be 1GBN? come show us)
  • We need Leaders (people who arent afraid to get thier hands dirty, people who want to take charge of a squad of equally qualified squadmates and wreak utter chaos upon the opposition.)

Finally we need people who really want to play realism, I will be completely honest if you cant take orders from commanding officers life at 1gbn will be hard, but if you take orders when you need to you will find that your CO's are guys just like you who want to have fun but also want to take names and kick butt!

Enlist Here Today!

Contacts Xfire

ohais - SSG Ohais (Senior Drill Instructor) garton22ndmeu- SFC Garton (Senior NCO of Recruiting)


I didn't make it!

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#2 13 years ago

Infantry Specialists are in great demand for the unit right now, there are plenty of positions available and the ability to gain rank quickly is almost assured... squads are filling up.... if anyone is intrested feel free to PM me for more info