3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade Recruiting 30+ teamplayers -1 reply

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#1 15 years ago

We are 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade. Motto is "Semper Fi" we are built on Teamwork and Dedication. We are currently recruiting Mature Teamplayers. We have few requirments. 1. Be a TeamPlayer 2. Have Teamspeak 3. Be Mature 4. Be 16 years or Older 5. And be ready for Training (We have a Basic Training Courses) 6. Be Active What we can offer to you: 1. Will be getting Official Server/Tracked 2. 2 Teamspeak Servers 3. Teamwork and Dedication 4. Military Ranking System (Marine) 5. TWL League 6. Friendship 7. Age Ranges from young to old (lol) 8. and a FUN atmosphere Visit us at www.3rdinfdiv.com/bf2php/index.php click on the forums then Enlist.. A Recruiter will contact you by Email and also they will post on the forums. My question to you. Do You Have What It Takes?