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#1 13 years ago

Want to improve your skills as an all around gamer????? Want to see if you TRULEY have what it takes to be a =420th=Member????? Want to meet a lot of good people to enjoy the gamin with????? Check out the =420th=InfantryDivision. We are a mature clan that competes in WT 12v12 and Cal 12v12 leagues. We have weekly scrims and meetings and they are always good times! Also check out our servers. We run a total of 7 servers. SF RANKED: Port: 16567 Unranked: Mercenaries: (Waiting for Update!) Stunt: Unranked SF: Map Pack: We also run a private server for scrims and official matches. Go to our site and check it out. If you like what you hear, go to recruits and enlist. Tell us what you think. E-Mail us at [EMAIL="therecruitmentoffice@gmail.com"]therecruitmentoffice@gmail.com[/EMAIL] =Must be 21 or older= the420th.com Tell them =420th=DarkSire Sent ya