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Yes, after many testing times, we have once again opened recruitment to this elite unit. Using our patented training program, we give our enlistees the skills to fight and win in battles. Though not real battles, they serve as credit to our clan when you use them to win. What we can offer -------------------------------- 1 64 man server 1 Ventrilo Server Solid Clan base Opportunities for advancement What we need for you --------------------------------- Time Commitment A six pack ----------------------- The 501st has been described by one of our recent members as," The 501st has been something not all of us have, a family. They drill and make fun as brothers do, but there's always something to improve on. When time's get rough, they don't cry and ask wheres the W key. They get out the bengay and play through the pain and win. It's how we work. We are all brothers, but just like brothers we fight, bicker, and make fun of anything. It's kinda like what Espera said in Generation Kill. " We're in a company of alpha males. We train, fight, and get ready, and it's all for chief dominance over another. That's what the 501st is like." We look forward and embrace new members as an elite. Everyone has a say, and everyone works toward a common goal," killing him before he kills you."

Look forward to hearing from you. Site 501stIR-Home Don't mind the site. We are working on some technical difficulties. All problems will not interfere with clan activities. Thanks, Sgt Shettles 501st Infantry Regiment