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1st January 2007

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82nd Airborne Division is a place for mature gamers that enjoy meeting new people and forming long-lasting on-line friendships. Our focus is on having fun, gaming, and enjoying a relaxed environment. The focus is not on ranks. Those are there for structure. The 82nd Airborne Division utilizes the concepts of Companionship, Values, and Discipline and of course...fun. In the The 82nd Airborne we believe in building character into each one of our rangers whether it be officer or enlisted, and gradually allowing them to grasp the concept of Independent Leadership. The ability to lead without dependency under intense situations is a fundamental attribute that will not only benefit you in combat, but in your daily interactions as well. Throughout your service whether it be long or short, you will encounter many opportunities of great change, along with many structures that will help you throughout the journey. These structures are portrayed from common structures founded in the roots of the United States Army as well; of which may include the Rank Structure, the Awards, the Chain of Command, and much more.

If you are interested in joining go to our forums and post an application 82nd Airborne Division | Home of the 82nd Airborne Division Or contact our Commanding Officer on xfire: mbranum17

Thanks, Lt.Smith