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<---------------------------------------------------------SCROLL---------------------------------------------------------------> Angels Of Death

=AOD= wants YOU.

We are a nice clan, with a fair amount of members (20-30) and we are always looking for new players. We play BF2, and Heroes and BF3 when they are released. We have all become good friends, and are always looking for more members. Our server is Angels of Death 24/7 Karkand I/O. the IP is If you are interested, visit our server, or our site, and meet some members.

We do not have many, strict requirements other than:

--Stay Fairly Active on xfire and BF2 --Are Respectful --Listen to Leaders --Are Mature --have or are getting a mic

Please add me (motleyfan666), or reaper2794 on xfire for further info

Regards, =AOD= lone_eagle_24