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#1 13 years ago

WEBSITE: Armored Cavalry Regiment

Armored Calvary Regiment

Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2, Battlefield Special Forces

About ACR : The Clan was founded by Maj.Ripinasz, and ever since we have been a team oriented clan. We expect %110 play in our BFCL, and TWL league matches. But when it is just a pub night, or what ever, we know how to kick back and enjoy the day. Come jump in a chopper with me when i've had alittle more Jim Beam then I need, or enjoy the sites of a rooftop with utcappy and watch people go down.

TEAMSPEAK IP ADDRESS PassWord: youneedataco


A. Must Have Teamspeak With Working Mic (TeamSpeak - Welcome to TeamSpeak)

B. Must Be Willing To Complete BRQC Training.

C. Participate with the clan. ( We believe that everyone has to start at the bottom. We want to be there to watch you grow.).

D. Must be a team player, and must understand where higher commands orders are coming from.

E. Must be over the age of 16, we're a no-nonsense, or B.S. clan. Organized and ready to go. Leave the spineless whiners at home.


Friendly & Helpful Support. Teamspeak Server Website / Forums Training to hone your skills to the next level. A TRUE team environment wherein no one is treated as just another name on a roster. TWL and BFCL League tournaments. Flying with the Capn half in the bag on Jim Beam.

[ACR] DON'T LIST Do NOT Dishonor Yourself or Your Team! Do NOT Hack or Exploit the Game! Do NOT Clan Hop... Be respectful to [ACR] We will make you family.

[ACR] DO LIST DO Function As a Team! DO have FUN!!!! Applicants Qualities: applicants must be devoted, honorable, and enjoy working as a team.

Leagues we participate in : BFCL, TWL.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to message the BF2 Squadron Commander Fightingforce or the BF2142 Squadron Commander Rapid within the ACR website.

Why Pick Us: We are here to have fun, talk with one another, discuss issues, learn gaming discipline. And here to improve everyone's gaming experience.