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#1 13 years ago

Hi every. I am from a tournament called and like to know if your interested in joining. This tourny will under no circumstances confilict with your Clan at all and, single individuals are just as welcome We try our best and keep clan members together if you guys join. For those who dont know how a tourny works its quite simple.

You are placed randomly on a side after signining up (Free) and if you ask will be placed with your clan buddies. This tourny is based on a real rank structure. There is a general of eack army, the 1MEF (1st marine expeditionaty force) and the CMEC (Chineese middleeastern coalition), who will give orders to squads and such during battles. There are ranks from PFC. which u start off as and if you show skill and leadership work up to a higher rank to Gen. who's job it is to make strats and such for the upcoming battles.

Battles can go form 7-12 hrs long depending on how many ppl show. We will have our battles on Sun. and they usually begin around 12est. P.M. I invite you all to sign up and come play with us to get a feel for it.

-NOTE- This is not in any way shape or form an alternative to your clan but more like an additional activity to look forward to. And we also already have a clan signed up with us.

Play BF2 the way it was meant to be, With TEAM WORK:)