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cabalbanner2.gifusa.gif[COLOR=blue][/COLOR] canada.gif [COLOR=dimgray]Ventrillo: : 4519[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]PW: darkside[/COLOR] Friday night is our most popular gaming night, however you can usually find members on any night of the week. Battlefield 2 bf2-02.png bf2-01.png Call of Duty 4 cod4-01.png cod4-05.png Call of Duty: World At War b_560x95.png Counter Strike Source [COLOR=red]Join Ventrillo for PW[/COLOR] cstrike2-02.png Unreal Tournament 3 ut3-06.png [COLOR=blue]Server Rules & Guidelines: [/COLOR]

  • Our servers are for mature players and are well admined.
  • Griefers need not bother - we're a tight-knit community and will efficiently dispose of anyone trying to ruin it for others.
  • Be a good sport and have fun!
  • Victory is more rewarding through teamwork.

[COLOR=blue]About The Cabal Gaming Cartel:[/COLOR] The Cabal Gaming Cartel was established in January 2009. We thought a new direction was needed for PC online gaming. We came up with Cabal, a cooperation of gaming clans. We are a cartel of gaming teams, forming a larger community. We share resources, servers, and most importantly, our best friends and players. If the past is any indicator, it has shown that clan mergers rarely go well, and this cartel is an attempt to use cooperation instead. We are currently competing in TWL playing COD4, however participation in competition is not mandatory. We are a mixture of different types of players: some casual, some are hardcore. If you are interested in joining a growing community then get on our servers join the carnage! [COLOR=red]Player Recruiting Process:[/COLOR] Here, the original three clans of =DC=, -=NC=-, and |GRB|, are committed to providing a place where players can meet clans, where clans can recruit players, without drama. Instead of recruiting online during games, you can visit visit the [COLOR=blue]Cabal Gaming Cartel[/COLOR] homepage and learn about each cartel member there. From there you can visit each team's forums and introduce yourself. Each member team has a different personality and gaming preferences. But on any given night you'll find a variety of us in our shared Ventrillo server, playing smacktard-free, casual or team-oriented games on our cartel servers. If sportsmanship and camaraderie matter more than points or rank, then stop by. [COLOR=red]Clan Recruiting Process:[/COLOR] If you have a clan and would like to be a cartel member, feel free to contact any of the leaders involved. If it sounds like a good fit for you, we recommend you bringing your brothers over for a Friday night to game with our existing member teams and see if it's just the energy boost that your team is looking for. The whole point is to benefit all member teams by providing everyone with more players to game with, more servers to play on, and a common voice server to meet up on. At the same time sharing resources reduces the financial burden of each member - redundant game/voice servers can be closed down to save $$. During these current economic times saving $$ is a good thing. Plus having more players to game with saves time that would normally be wasted waiting for enough players to show up to get a good game going. Having multiple servers populated on any given night also provides you with the flexibility to choose the game you're in the mood for, rather than the be forced to play the only game for which there is a populated server. Most importantly, you get to avoid going pubbing and dealing with all the griefers, smacktards and overzealous admins that you are likely to find on many public servers.