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About CFH: CFH operates in the top one percent of all servers online in the world, our GEO Rank average is #50 out of the over 1,200 other clan servers out there. Why you ask? Because we fist off extend to all of our members administrative privileges so they may be able to get into our ALWAYS crowded server not to mention kick/ban the smaktards that plague other clan/EA servers. CFH operates under a strict constraint of server rules on behavior and idiots are not tolerated…… The second biggest factor why CFH and its servers are so popular is that we run a high performance dedicated server utilizing a massive internet backbone and a prioritized 100Mbs bandwidth capability. We do not lease game servers/slots from massive server farms that run 20 games on one box!!! We co-locate our server and have complete control over what/how it runs ALWAYS. In addition to our public BF2 server we also run a practice server, modified map server and a BF1942/DC server not to mention our website, TeamSpeak and forum area. The members of CFH are looking for five more BF2 people to call members then we are calling it quit on recruiting. We are trying to keep our numbers modest around twenty so that we stay a fun and personal organization. We are only looking for adults over the age of 18+ and there is a membership due of $10.00 a month to pay for services. If you are interested come and spend some time on our TeamSpeak server with us, and get to know the guys. Any member on TS can open a slot on our game server so you can join in on the fun. We have no tryouts only a thirty day cadet period so that the membership can get a chance to know you and vote on you, once this happens and you become a member you will be given updated forum access and access to the server manager. So come and join us, it’s always good to meet new friends. Website: www Team Speak Server: Public BF2 Server: Public BF1942/DC Private Mod Server Private Practice Server