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#1 13 years ago

CyberGameZone is recruiting. We're looking for people who are dedicated to BF2 ages 13+. http://bf2.cybergamezone.com Put in an application and wait for me (ArmoredPersonel), Holmes456, Destroyer_Fluffy, RoosterCantrel, or BioRaven to accept your app. We're a fun clan. We're based around BF2 but we support Company of Heroes, Counter Strik Source, Command and Conquer, and Day of Defeat. We're working on getting a server up and running. We have a TS server but I can't give out the IP until you are in the clan. We track your activity on xfire and we check your stats when possible. I recommend you BFSV (Battlefield Stats Viewer) to help you keep track of everyone in the clan. We hope to see you on the battlefield [COLOR=black]Cheers,[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]David (Co-Leader of CyberGameZone)[/COLOR]