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Classic Gaming ==================== Hello and welcome to Classic-Gaming. Classic Gaming is a mature clan that wants to have fun. No immaturity. All we ask from you is that you be on at least 2 Days for 2 hours at the minimum playing with us a week. Classic Gaming evolved from a competitive clan, and is sick of practicing, competing and stress about winning or loosing. We do compete, but it is not required from our members. If you are looking for a MATURE Clan, than classic gaming is for YOU!

About Classic Gaming ====================== Organized, and created on March 1st 2007, Classic Gaming is Evolving from a small clan to a medium Sized clan with fun, and talented guys, we are still looking for more to make the community a better place. Each member gets their right to vote, and when you join you will be under RCT. Status for one week. During this week we will evaluate your Responsibility, Personality, Skill, and how you treat others. After your RCT Status, you will be promoted at the Clan Meeting after your one week. Another thing to note, we do NOT allow immature members, our age limit is 16+!

Join -]cG[- Today! ====================== Join our Gaming Community Today. It’s very simple, and you WONT regret it. There are a number of ways to join the clan, here are a few. You can post an application on our website, and it will be reviewed, and you will be notified, or you could xFire us, xFire is the best way to get to us. Once you have us on xFire, we'll get you our ventrilo info and you will go through an interview and a presentation about the clan. If you want to have fun in an organized/mature environment, join Classic Gaming today!

TWL 5v5 Inf: 3-1 TWL 8v8 Conq: 1-0

Contact information: xFire: classicagony xFire: splitterside xFire: kazthe3rd xFire: loki117 xfire:link765

Servers: Ventrilo: port 4554 Pub Server: Standard Port Match Server: pw = cgpwn

Website: Untitled Document

Classic Gaming (A BF2 Clan) Untitled Document classicgaming4ty5.gif 1.jpg