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#1 12 years ago

bf2server_image.jpg Hey guys! I'm cc//phoenix, one of the guys running the European Battlefield 2 division of Crack Clan. We are an international clan, established on May 4th, 1998. We made our name as Crack Clan 42, known as {cc42}, where we were one of the top clans in the Desert Combat community. We immediately switched to Battlefield 2 once it was released in the summer of 2005. Not so long ago we dropped the 42 from our name and changed our tags to cc//. We are a well organised multigaming clan, expanded to both sides of the Atlantic. Apart from Battlefield 2, we also play Call of Duty 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. We have multiple Battlefield 2 servers, including 4 UK-based ranked servers: cc// Ranked #1 - Karkand Only (IP: cc// Ranked #2 - Wake Only (IP: cc// Ranked #3 - (IP: cc// Ranked #4 - (IP: We are looking for team-oriented players who are willing to contribute a considerable amount of their gaming time to competitive gameplay. People who are looking for just fun are also very welcome! We are not only playing competitively, we also like to pub with each other and just have fun. You can join us to be part of an awesome gaming cummunity we provide, including forums, TeamSpeak and a whole bunch of public gameservers. We participate in multiple gaming leagues, including TWL, CAL, ED and CB. Our activity in competition grows every week and we need players that are willing to get us to the top of those leagues. So if you are looking for an active and serious competitive clan environment, as well as a fun pubbing atmoshphere with a nice bunch of competent fellows around you, join us! Visit for more info. Also feel free join our TeamSpeak server. Connect to "" (yes, that's the server address, without the quotes). Drop us a line at! Kind regards, cc//phoenix Xfire: dutchphoenix cc//yarddog10 Xfire: yarddog10


I didn't make it!

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#2 12 years ago

A little update for you.. You can now reach us on the following E-mails: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] and [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] In addition, you can add me to your MSN contact list with the same email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]


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#3 12 years ago

ok. i added you on MSN, phoenix. hope i can join. :)