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#1 10 years ago

adbanner1.jpgWe are a BF2/CoD WaW community

We are looking for honorable players that wish to compete in TWL and other gaming leagues. We have our own league setup right now but do not have it released to the public. Our community has one of the top sites out there for a "clan" based gaming group. With a diverse crowd of users we take gaming to a whole new level.

We're not the baddest or the best on the battlefield but we sure enjoy the time we play together. Any other communities that would like to do some 2vs2 chopper/armor battles for practice please visit our site. We'll also be accepting 5vs5 infantry. We have stats, forums, sig tag generators, downloads, automated xfire friend adder. All kinds of stuff to make gaming life a bit more pleasureable.

[COLOR=Red]Our BF2 IP simply is:[/COLOR] bf2.dankgaming.com [COLOR=Red]Ventrilo is:[/COLOR] : 3788 [COLOR=Red]website: [dank]Gaming[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Tags:[/COLOR] [dank] or [dank] gaming

[COLOR=DarkGreen]We are a pbbans, punksbusted enabled server. We also beta test adminmap.[/COLOR]