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3rd February 2005

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#1 13 years ago

[color=red]The Death Adders Syndicate[/color]

[color=red]Swift and Deadly[/color]

[color=red] [/color]

Death adders feed on reptiles, small mammals, birds and frogs. Death adders also have a unique method of ambushing its prey. The adder will lie still, half buried in sand, leafs or underneath lowhanging foliage. The snake's body is loosely coiled with the tail not far from the snout. On approach of potential prey, the snake will strike at lightning speed.

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]The Death Adders Syndicate is a division which plays Battlefield: 2. We have our own server for Battlefield: 2 server( We also have a private TS server. Currently we just try to have fun and enjoy ourselves while engaging in friendly combat in Battlefield: 2. We are a organized, militaristic yet fun group of casual players who love the Battlefield series and love to play and have fun. We have weekly practices, will have a few scrimmages(eventually, once we get good at our combat tactics), and may even possibly enter TWL or CAL leagues in the future. We plan on being a very tactical clan, using a combination of Teamwork(involving communications such as TeamSpeak and Xfire) and the Squad system(Using the squad system to its fullest potential and sticking together and communicating, fighting to achieve a common goal using tactics and team effort). We’re just a laid back group of organized militaristic friends in an online gaming clan, that’s all. We live for the game, and we live for the clan.[/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]What we require:[/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]Cooperation with superior officers.[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]Respect for your fellow members.[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]Participation in our practices, scrimmages, forums and overall community.[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]A kill/death ratio of at least 3/2.[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]The use of a couple programs such as TeamSpeak and Xfire.[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]Complete acceptance of our Code of Conduct( http://www.deathadderssyndicate.net/code.htm ), the Code of Conduct for Practices( http://www.deathadderssyndicate.net/codeofconductpractices.htm ) and the Rules of Engagement( http://www.deathadderssyndicate.net/rulesofengagement.htm ).[/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]What you will get:[/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]A website with a nice layout including information sections and Vwar and forums.[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]A 32-person Battlefield: 2 server( and TS server(Private).[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]Plenty of activity and the chance to have fun and form friendships.[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]Weekly practices giving the opportunity to get to know and play with your clan mates.[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]Competitive, fun scrimmages against other clans.[/color]

[color=red]· [/color][color=red]A chance to show off your skills in TWL and CAL leagues.Lots and lots of fun =).[/color]

[color=red] NOTE: Keep in mind that we are a high-standard clan. If you aren’t willing to commit some of your spare time to the clan, you wont last long. 2-3 hours of Battlefield: 2 play a day is preferred, and whenever a member plays he should be on Xfire so we know he’s active. If you cant attend things like practices and scrimmages, then please don’t waste our time by joining our clan. [/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]Practices are at 4:00PM EST time. Yes, we are mainly a North American clan. When we have scrimmages, they’re usually on Sundays a bit later in the evening.[/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]Please visit our website located at http://www.deathadderssyndicate.net/ and check out our Clan Requirements(http://www.deathadderssyndicate.net/requirements.htm). Also, if you would like to join our clan, please fill out our join form at http://www.deathadderssyndicate.net/joinus.php. Thank you![/color]

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[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]~DAS~Exterminator150 – [/color]

[color=red]E-Mail – [email]exterminator150@deathadderssyndicate.net[/email][/color]

[color=red]MSN – [email]exterminator150@deathadderssyndicate.net[/email][/color]

[color=red]AIM – TheSerpent120[/color]

[color=red]Xfire – exterminator150[/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red] ~DAS~Reikobi – [/color]

[color=red]E-Mail – [email]reikobi@deathadderssyndicate.net[/email][/color]

[color=red]MSN – [email]reikobi@hotmail.com[/email][/color]

[color=red]AIM – Reikobu[/color]

[color=red]Xfire – reikobi[/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]Recruitment Officers – [/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]~DAS~SilverEye – [/color]

[color=red]E-Mail – [email]phil_gauthier89@hotmail.com[/email][/color]

[color=red]MSN – [email]phil_gauthier89@hotmail.com[/email][/color]

[color=red]AIM – None[/color]

[color=red]Xfire – silvereye[/color]

[color=red] [/color]

[color=red]Join the chaos as we rip our foes to shreds and achieve ultimate glory on the Battlefield! Join the fun! Join the Death Adders Syndicate![/color]