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Hi guys, cya.gif At the moment DeadZone is recruiting. Well where do i Begin: The Dea[DZ]0ne Clan Was formed from a clan that all but Died From the Online Game C&C Renegade,That clan was **NS** Dea[DZ]one Stands For The Distance Between a Soldiers Scope & there Death! We also decided that the Leagues that we played on where not much Fun at all & they were too restrictive,so we also had Leagues made in December 2003 which = KlanWars Our clan is based on Call of Duty - World Of Warcraft - And soon to be Battlefield2 So we are aiming for BattleField2 clan aswell. So we are looking for a good squad. smilie.gif The age limit to the clan is 15+ If your interested in joining us then visit the forum and leave us a line. :deal: Contact me for TeamSpeak details. Our website : Dead Zone Website Xfire: FreeStyle04 Thanks 3Style salute.gif feedback.gif