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#1 12 years ago

Defiant Gamers.com is looking for new people!!! NO DONATIONS BECASE WE GOT SPONSORS!! We are vary new and need vary good players! Defiant's Website: http://www.defiantgamers.com

Sponsors: http://www.a51hosting.com http://www.adakist.com http://www.bf2toplist.com http://www.destinedesigns.com


TeamSpeak Server IP: Upon Request (Totalling 140/slots)

A Brief FAQ

Are their tryouts? No, there are no tryouts for the clan, we take pubbers and competetive players.

How can I join? You can join by posting in our forums your interest or e-mailing myself @ [email]bf2toplist@aol.com[/email]. From there you will be briefed on the next steps, (which isn't that extensive).

Do I have to make donations? No, we do not require any member to make donations, nor do we lend special favors to those that do donate. But of course if you want to donate we will not say no

Is there an age limit to the clan? 16 year old +

How old is this clan? We are brand spanking new, that doesn't mean that next week the clan will be gone. We have all the resources to sustain a clan for a very long time and hope to continue to do so.

Who can join the clan? Anyone, from any country, any race, any background, from the new player to the established player you are all welcomed to join the ranks.

Are there things we won't tolerate? The atmosphere and environment we would like to create and keep is one of fun, competetiveness and the occasional crap talking. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, or any type of stereotyping period. Nor will we tolerate public flaming even by the leadership. We have a zero tolerance policy if any of the above has been violated. We are here to have fun and play a game, not running a country or a business, remember this is a game!

Who can I contact if I have any questions? You can contact the leader directly at this point in time at [email]bf2toplist@aol.com[/email] Or x-fire BF2toplist:0wned: __________________