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|ES| Elite Soldiers is currently recruiting Mature and Teamwork minded individuals. We are a Multi-gaming Clan and have been in the gaming scene since 2001. Our members have been involved in a countless number of Multiplayer Games which include The Battlefield Series, CS 1.6, CounterStrike Source, AvP2, AVP Gold, WoW, CoD2, Quake 3, Doom 3……I can go on and on but its virtually every other game you can think of :) . |ES| is based in the United States but we have members scanning from Europe to Australia. At the moment we have Servers for the following games 1. Counterstrike Source 2. Aliens Vs. Predator 2 3. Battlefield 2 (Coming Soon) 4. |ES| has a WoW Guild in the Lethon Server 5. Our Ventrilo Server is accessible through our Website www.es4life.com Currently we are recruiting for Battlefield 2 and we welcome both casual and hardcore gamers alike, each of them can find a Loyal, Dedicated and most important of all Fun Clan in the world of Online Gaming within |ES|. The requirements of the applicants are as follows: 1. Age should be 18+ 2. Mature and Teamwork 3. Experience is not necessary but definitely a plus. We are willing to train you but the dedication to learn needs to come from you. 4. Needs to have Xfire and Ventrilo To Apply: Please visit our website at www.es4life.com and/or you can contact me through this forum or my Xfire ID machina1