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#1 11 years ago

Hey, I'd be the BF2 div. leader over at Final Destination... well, here goes.Basically, I'm ooking for active players and or team that is looking for a home. Currently we are playing in Americas Army, Counter Strike Source, and trying to build a good foundation for BF2. You will have to be Mature, Active, and dedicated.

When we have enough members that we can field enough for matches/scrims we will get into cal/twl/cevo or whatever is around at the time for leagues.

BF2 Servers: 40 man: Infantry only 64 man: Air Maps 64slot bf2pro private server

Site: Final.Destination vent: vent.clan-fd.net:3991 (sponsored by www.NationVoice.com) Mirc: #Clan-FD @ irc.gamesurge.net xfire - Mulgarus | shazaam45231 | willkill404

shaz :)