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[COLOR="Red"]Fever Clan Is Now Recruiting[/COLOR]
[/COLOR] If you are looking for a mature, relaxed, and established clan that accepts every skill level, then Fever is for you. We are currently recruiting for Battlefield 2 and we are also starting to recruit for the upcoming release of Call Of Duty 4. Fever does not have many rules but we do require all members to be over 15 years old, have a mic/teamspeak installed, and always respect all members and know your place.
We currently have two Battlefield 2 servers and a teamspeak server which are all listed in this post. [COLOR="Navy"]Strike At Karkand- Dalian Plant- Teamspeak-[/COLOR] If you are interested in joining Fever, read this first and then apply in the recruiting section of the forum. If you have any questions, you may contact me on xfire, my username is armykilla99 or you may speak to anyone in teamspeak. FeverClan Website