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24th December 2005

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#1 13 years ago

good day. i am a first sgt. i am a verygood sniper/specops i love those to class. i am looking for a fun/competitive clan. i have 30000 points. i dont know how but i have an 1:40 mins in a parachute... i really dont know how i got that. i have an expert spec ops badge and i am working on my sniper badge. i am looking for a clan that likes to have fun, i have been in 2 other bf2 clans. i am also looking for good peaple to play with, and just to have fun and play in twl matches. swift.<==== the clan split up 2.carbon gamming<====the clan split up i play alot. but with school starting i can only play on the weekends... you can contact me on xfire at hawkeyejake. cant wait to play with you all!!!:beer: :beer: